ABR Consulting Group, Inc. does so much more for your IT/IS relocation project.  By now, we hope that you have seen our list of skills and services on our ABR Home Page and our web page on Communications Cabling Design.  This page is to let you know that we do so much more. 

Let us assist you in budgeting, preparing program requirements and planning and relocating your entire IT environment.  Extraordinary experience planning and relocating major IT spaces.  Over 80 data centers/server room/network/ NOC areas relocated - some among the largest (see our Customer List).  We will also produce the communications cabling plan, all RFPs and manage your project meetings.  15 years in business; 30 years in the MIS/DP/Telecom trade.  We're experts at producing IT space and equipment drawings as well as power and cooling requirements for architects and engineers.  The following is a list of other services we perform for our customers.  Many we do as separate projects and many we do combined as part of IT relocation projects.   

  • Cable Plant Due Diligence and Inventory for Existing Buildings

    • Expert identification of campus backbone fiber cables and first-level cross-connects

    • Identification of all campus copper backbone cables.  

    • Identification of types and categories of all horizontal fiber and copper cables

  • Participant in Design and Construction Meetings.  We are often participants in the design process for data center and telecom projects.  We are not architects or engineers but we fully represent the IT client with consulting, meeting IT project deliverables and with the production of meeting documentation.  We are former senior managers of large data centers and we know how they should be built and operated.  Even more important, we have a full understanding of the computer, server, network and telecom equipment inside these rooms.  

  • Pre-design budgeting for telecom cabling projects.  

  • Identification and cataloging of all equipment in your IT spaces.  We place this information in a spreadsheet format and sort as required for the project.  

  • Identification and cataloging of all voice and data circuits serving your IT spaces.  We assist with all vendor meetings and coordinate the migration of these circuits.  

  •  Production of Program Requirements for computer rooms and other IT spaces

    • Program requirements for the architect

    • Program requirements for the electrical engineer

    • Program requirements for the mechanical engineer

    • Program requirements for the General Contractor

  • Production of power and cooling profiles for IT spaces.  This information is provided to architects and engineers for the sizing of electrical and HVAC systems.  We are experts at being familiar with the physical dimensions and environmental numbers for systems inside your computer and server rooms.

  • Production of electrical requirements for all IT spaces for the electricians.  Includes drawings showing types and positioning of electrical receptacles.  This is where we shine.  We know the electrical requirements for almost any piece of equipment in your computer room, server room, PBX room, NOC, MDF, IDFs, Labs and other IT spaces.  This is an essential part of the design that the IT manager must complete on time.  If not, the electrical design will move on without you.  (See IT Pros - Don't Be Left in the Dust on IT Server Room Design.  

  • Complete design of the MDFs and IDFs and all other IT labs and spaces for the project.  We produce all drawings in Autodesk AutoCad and Microsoft Visio.  These drawings are critical for the architect and engineers for their design and construction drawings.  Early and timely submittal of these drawings is essential for IT to be in control of their part of the process.  The larger and more complex, the more our experience shows.  Includes rack, cabinet and PBX layouts.  Includes the additional dimension of elevation drawings showing cable termination hardware and electronic equipment layouts.  

  • Production and maintenance of comprehensive and diverse project plans for all types of IT projects.  Includes mapping and timing of project deliverables with the major deliverables in the construction and equipment migration plans.  Produced and maintained in Microsoft Project.  

  • Complete and thorough inventories of all office and desktop equipment.  Includes PCs, printers, fax machines and copiers.  Produced and maintained in Microsoft Excel.  

  • Production of various types of RFPs, drawings and bid documents for IT projects.  Includes communications cabling, data center equipment relocation, desktop computer relocation, staff and contents relocation and others as needed.  

  • Coordinate the installation of voice and data circuits from the carriers.  Includes early identification of all circuits, oversight on the ordering of new circuits and coordination and timing of all circuits.  We assist in transitioning copper T1 to fiber T1 circuits.  We have exceptional skills in assisting in the provisioning of OC-48 and OC-12 fiber entrance facilities. 

  • On-site participation during the construction project.  On smaller projects, this participation can be minimal.  On large projects, and especially data center projects, we can oversee, on behalf of the Construction Manager, construction of the telecom entrance facilities, buildout of the MDF/IDFs and installation of the communications cabling system.  We also oversee installation of fiber entrance facilities from fiber carriers.  On projects where ABR is planning and managing the migration of the computer/server equipment, this pairing of services can be beneficial as the final activity level intensifies and so much has to dove tail without failure just prior to equipment moves. 

  • On-site supervision of physical move events.  ABR can manage the entire event.  

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