Sample Scope of Work

1.0    General

1.1    Background

The ABR Consulting Group, Inc. is a systems consulting firm that works with senior management to plan, document, manage and complete business and technical projects that are important and critical elements of their MIS, IT and network strategic plan. The firm, since its inception, has specialized in all phases of planning and project management for data center relocations, campus wide-area network design and campus communications cabling design. 15 years in business, 30 years in the MIS/DP trade.

Since 1987, ABR has served as prime contractor on numerous data center, communications cabling and major network relocation projects. The key expertise is planning and project management and the ability to relocate major MIS, IT and network environments with minimum disruption to the business. ABR is extraordinarily efficient in producing architectural design documents (DDs) and construction documents (CDs) for computer rooms, network server rooms, PBX rooms, communications cabling systems for large buildings and multi-building campuses as well as other high-tech environments. ABR staff and associates serve as prime project managers to go beyond construction planning to carefully plan the migration of all computer and network systems. No team has more experience to bring to your enterprise computer and network relocation project.
1.2    General Scope of Work 

ABR Consulting Group, Inc. proposes to produce contract specifications and construction drawings for all MIS/DP spaces as well as the communications cabling system. This will include the plan views of all equipment rooms, labs, MDF/IDFs and the elevation views of equipment racks and cabinets. In general, this includes the following: 

1.2.1    Participation in the design process. ABR will work with the Customer to validate space requirements and produce electrical and mechanical program requirements for all computer room and telecommunications facilities and equipment. This includes CAD plan drawings of computer room and telecommunications room equipment. It also includes CAD elevation drawings of the network and server cabinets. As a participant in the design team, these requirements and drawings will be conveyed to the architects and engineers for inclusion into the schematic drawings, the design development drawings and finalized in the construction documents.

1.2.2    Assist Customer in designing the local and wide-area networking requirements. This includes any high-speed lines that will be required in the new main site and other locations. Full backup and redundancy is assumed. 

1.2.3    Assist Customer in placing all computer and network equipment on the drawings. 

1.2.4    Production of the building communications cabling systems requirements as may be required. These include the voice and data structured cabling system for the building, bus & tag cable design should a large mainframe be involved and inter-cabinet cabling systems between the network and server cabinets. 

2.0    Specific Scope of Work 

2.1    Schematic Design 

2.1.1    Validate all space requirements for the technical areas associated with the data center complex. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Computer equipment area
  • Operations console area
  • Disk farm and tape robots
  • Network area
  • Server area
  • Printer and paper storage areas
  • Staging areas
  • Environmental systems on or under the raised floor area
  • Technical support areas outside of the raised floor area
  • Meeting rooms
  • Storage spaces
2.1.2    Participate in the design and data gathering process to determine, produce or participate in the following:
  • Rough draft of computer and network equipment layouts
  • Discussion of adjacency requirements for the data center operating areas
  • Participate in discussions to determine facility design requirements
  • Participate in meetings to determine what computer and network equipment will be acquired for the new data center
  • Development of preliminary high-level project schedule with milestones.
  • Data gathering for communications and network cabling requirements
  • Data gathering of environmental requirements for computer and network equipment that will be in the raised floor and telecommunications facilities.  (Power and Cooling Profile)
  • Gather requirements for telecom grounding requirements
  • Identify MDF and cable entrance areas
  • Identify fiber and cable provider vaults on or near property
  • Begin early draft of communications cabling specification
  • Participate in discussions on redundancy of environmental systems and the elimination of any single point-of-failure
  • Participate in discussions on disaster recovery and business resumption
2.1.3    Participate in discussions to identify design requirements for the telecom fiber and copper entrance cables.    

2.1.4    Participate in scheduled and ad hoc meetings as may be required to produce required deliverables. Meet with vendors as may be required.  

2.1.5    Document technical meetings and discussions. Reproduce and distribute documentation.

2.2   Design Development  

2.2.1    Finalize plan view of equipment layouts for MIS, IT, network, server, telecommunications and PBX systems 

2.2.2    Finalize detailed environmental requirements for all MIS, IT, network, server, telecommunications and PBX systems            

2.2.3    Produce final draft of the communications and network cabling specifications. This includes and custom specifications for cable runway, network cabinets, underfloor fiber cable tray systems 

2.2.4    Produce final draft of telecom grounding requirements

2.2.5    Produce final draft of project schedule with milestones 

2.2.6    Produce draft of network and server cabinet elevation drawings 

2.2.7    Produce draft electrical panel breaker assignments for Electrical Engineer 

2.2.8    Participate in scheduled and ad hoc meetings as may be required to produce required deliverables. Meet with vendors as may be required. 

2.2.9    Document technical meetings and discussions. Reproduce and distribute documentation 

2.3   Construction Documents 

2.3.1    Finalize all construction specifications for the following:

  • Structured communications cabling system.  Includes RFQ
  • Telecommunications entrance facilities 
  • Inter-connecting cabling system for the network and server cabinets 
  • Cable runway for PBX (MDF) and IDF areas 
  • Underfloor cable tray for fiber cables 

2.3.2    Finalize construction drawings for the following:

  • Structured communications cabling system. Includes elevations telecom racks in the MDF and IDF areas. Includes instructions for seismic bracing
  • Telecommunications entrance facilities.  Includes fiber mux areas
  •  Inter-connecting cabling system for the network and server cabinets. Includes elevation drawings showing connecting hardware and equipment in the network and server cabinets
  • Cable runway for PBX (MDF) and IDF areas 
  • Underfloor cable tray for fiber cables 

2.3.3    Participate in scheduled and ad hoc meetings as may be required to produce required deliverables. Meet with vendors as may be required. 

2.3.4    Document technical meetings and discussions. Reproduce and distribute documentation. 

2.4    Bidding and Negotiation

2.4.1    Attend bid conferences and walkthroughs as may be required. 

2.4.2    Respond to RFIs as may be necessary 

2.4.3    Produce specification or drawing modifications as may be required 

2.5    Construction Administration

2.5.1    Walk job site periodically. Observe and comment on construction of equipment and network facilities. Produce documentation where required 

2.5.2    Participate in architectural and construction project meetings where required

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